Here at Batch1 we know the feel-good power of a brand new t-shirt. A super-cool new hoodie. An awesome new sweatshirt. We love nothing more than finishing a sweet new design, preparing it for print and seeing the result on a box-fresh t-shirt. And that's why we've created a range of fun, quirky, funny and (we think) pretty cool clothing for you to enjoy.

Since our first batch of home-designed t-shirts came off the heat press back in 2008, we've been working hard, day and night making clothing inspired by the things we love. From our love of the great British seaside, whatever the weather (we escape to Cornwall as often as we can...), to surf, ski and skateboarding stuff and from TV and movie-inspired tribute tees to urban gnomes... we hope we have a something for everyone in our store.

Our founder and chief designer, Rod, is (more than) a little OCD about quality control and has sourced the softest, best-fitting, longest-lasting, overall bestest t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts you could wish to wear, as well as a range of super-cute kids' tees, babygrows and sweatshirts.

So whether you're looking for a super-fly new tee to wear this weekend, or the perfect gift, rest assured that everything you see in the store has been lovingly designed, made and tested by the Batch1 team, and has the seal of approval of our friends and family, big and little kids alike. We love wearing them and hope you will too.