Football Friend June 23 2016

Oooh! Football Friend!

The Inbetweeners. Need we say more?

Euro 2016 Wales June 22 2016

3-0. Nice work, Wales.

Wales' Euro 2016 dream is alive and kicking.


Euro 2016 T-shirts June 22 2016

Calling All England Fans!

Show your support and keep our Euro 2016 dream alive...

See the football last night? June 21 2016

See the footie last night?

Lesson #1. Make like Moss and learn the lingo.



Euro 2016 June 21 2016

Come on, England!

We're still in it... just! Seriously, COME ON!



No Coffee No Daddy June 09 2016


Rise and shine! Bring him breakfast in bed, some much-needed caffeine* and one of these to get this Father's Day off to a great start : )


*Behind every functioning father is a substantial amount of coffee...

Another great batch of Father's Day designs June 07 2016

Which dad do you have?

Football Dad? Cycling Dad? Pub Dad? We've got EVEN more awesome new Father's Day Designs for you.
The perfect gift, whatever dad you have : )

Football Dad - Euro 2016 just around the corner!




Cycling Dad - wheely good.


Rugby Dad - must try harder...





Pub Dad. Mine's a pint.





DIY Dad - Can he fix it?



Father's Day 19th June 2016 June 01 2016



Treat your Dad this Father's Day with one of these little beauties.

You might even lure him from his man cave...


He'll reely love this one...

We've got shed loads of great stuff!

Time to tee off...

Mmm beer... lovely, lovely beer.

Suds law.

Bring out the big guns with this baby.

Martini optional.


Sexy and I mow it... that's funny, right!

Black Friday 2015 November 29 2015

It's Black Friday all weekend at Batch1! Get 20% off your entire order until midnight Monday 30th November. Used promo code BLKFR20 at checkout!


Geek Pride Day 2015 May 21 2015

Geek Pride Day kicks off this Monday (25th) and it's about time we celebrated the Geek in all of us, and damn it we can! Techies unite! If you're a geek and proud - Well, we've got some fine clothing to get your inner geek preaching to the masses!

Lets kick things off with a few T-Shirts that go together better than Spock and the Starship Enterprise: GEEK, NERD, DORK, DWEEB. Go on, you know you want to! Just click on each T-Shirt to activate the awesomeness within.


Embrace it, my friends. Get your Geek on!


You can also grab all of these designs in womens T-Shirts as well as Sweatshirts and Hoodies for the Geek or Geekess in your life.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another design that will make your pixeled inner geek burst with 8bit pride!

Fathers Day 2015 May 21 2015

It's almost that time of year again. Fathers Day! You've realised that for the last few years you've been giving your dad golf balls and beer making kits, and lets face it there's only so many times he will smile politely when he sees you've got him those damned balls again.

Well, your dad deserves the best, here's the way to show how much you care and subtly give him some wardrobe updates.

We have Aprons, Caps, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies all with fantastic designs that we're sure your dad will love. Our first design is one of our favourites:



There's no Dad like an iDad:

Let your dad know that he's a Top Dad!

Get your dad to cook up his World Famous BBQ

No! I am your father!

I'm the Daddy now!


A Fathers Day spin on an old classic.

This is what Fathers Day is all about!


Does your Dad rule? Let him know he does!


Does your Dad love beer?

Some say beer and pies fly into his hand like a magnet, all we know is he's called Dad.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another fantastic design that is sure to please Daddy Cool.

We'll also be posting some rather cool Fathers Day gifts and ideas to our Pintrest page here!

Easter Sale! April 02 2015

To celebrate the long Bank Holiday and the Easter weekend we are giving you the chance to snap up some of our awesome exclusive T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and lots more.

Between now and midnight on Tuesday you can add your favorite items to the basket and use the code EASTER25 at checkout to score yourself a cool 25% off everything.







The Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary March 18 2015

It's the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club and to celebrate we have a selection of awesome Geeky College styled T-Shirts.

Click on each design to check them out!

Are or a Geek?

Or pehaps a Nerd?



Or even a Dweeb?


How about a Dork?


Stand up and show your colours with pride - They even make great gifts for your friends!


All designs are available in Mens & Womens T-Shirts, Sweatshirt & Hoodies!



Comic Relief 2015 March 03 2015

Here at Batch1 we have been busy designing 10 brand new exlcusive limited edition t-shirts for Comic Relief. We will be donating 25% of each sale directly to the charity in the hopes of helping those most in need.

We will be releasing 1 brand new exclusive design every day via our Social Media Networks (Twitter - Facebook) for you to check out.

You can find the all the designs so far by clicking on the pictures below to go directly to the website.

If you prefer, you can also purchase the designs via our eBay, Amazon or Etsy stores.


That's all folks! All 10 designs exclusively for Comic Relief. Don't forget to check out the show on BBC1 at 7pm on Friday 13th March.

The Brit Awards! February 25 2015

The Brit Awards are on tonight at 8pm!

Don't miss the chance to hear some of Britains best music and rock out to the sounds of some of the best artists in the world.

Don't forget we also have our own collection of music T-Shirts & Sweatshirts to get you hyped up for the upcoming festival season which is looking like it will be the most memorable festival season since festivals began.

Check out some of our music collection below and click on each image to find out more.

It's Pancake Day! February 17 2015

It's Pancake Day and what better way to celebrate than to take a look at recipes from around the world,

My personal favorite is the one from Spain - Orange & Melted Chocolate.

Let us know what your favorite recipes are via our Twitter account.

Valentines Day February 11 2015

It's almost Valentines Day and we have the perfect gift for that little something extra.

Check out our popular LOVE T-Shirts & Sweatshirts & our CHOOSE ME T-Shirts

We also have something for both of you to enjoy with our Mr Tash & Mrs Lips T-Shirts

Grab yours before the big day to make sure your loved ones know exactly how much they're loved.

Festival Season! February 10 2015

The festival season is almost apon us which means you must require a cool festival T-Shirt or Sweatshirt am I right? Of course I am!

Check out some of the awesome festival designs we have, perfect for that ultimate festival experience.

Designs available in both Mens & Womens T-Shirts, Sweatshirts & Hoodies

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Free Delivery! February 04 2014

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